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When the IRS sends a collection letter, most people simply don't know how to react. In many cases, my clients have substantial tax bills that they don't know how to deal with. I can help. If the IRS has threatened to put a lien on your property or levy your bank accounts or wages, contact my law office for a free initial consultation. At the law office of Ronald F. Hood, Attorney at Law, I am committed to providing clients in Massachusetts and throughout New England with sound tax law advice.

For the last thirteen (13) years I have provided clients across the country with the benefit of my thirty-eight (38) total years of combined experience handling tax law issues. Most of my clients reside in Massachusetts. However, I have also represented clients before the IRS that reside in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Nevada, California and Minnesota. As a former IRS tax lawyer, I have handled complex tax matters ranging from tax collection issues to civil tax litigation and criminal tax investigations. Call my Cape Cod law office for more information regarding any of the following issues.

At my Cape Cod law firm, I have helped a number of clients successfully resolve complicated tax law issues. If the IRS has contacted you regarding an audit, collection, civil litigation, or criminal tax investigation, you want to hire a tax lawyer who knows the law and the procedures of the IRS and who has satisfied former clients.

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If you are seeking a former IRS tax lawyer to help you with everything from tax collections to tax appeals and fraud defense, contact my Cape Cod law office for more information. I can be reached by telephone, fax, or by filling out the client intake form provided on this Web site.