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Cape Cod IRS Tax Attorney — Client Testimonials

Below you will find testimonials from some of my satisfied clients:

I am most pleased to express my delight with attorney Hood’s service on my behalf in representing me before the IRS during an IRS audit of my tax returns. He was immediate in responses and also, followed through without delay or prodding on my part. In this century which, unfortunately, lends itself to dreadful customer service without genuine care, this experience was refreshing and reassuring.

I do not hesitate to recommend this gentleman to anyone searching for legal assistance and professional and proper service. Your needs will be addressed and attention to detail will not lack. My highest regards go to Attorney Hood’s manner in handling all facets of my IRS audit.

It has been a pleasure to have had him to represent me and I will not forget his compassion concerning my needs. The outcome was more than expected in this day and age. Extremely appreciated.

C.E. Milton, Massachusetts

I thought my life was over as I was more than $126,000 in debt to the IRS and they were tightening the screws. There was no putting off the IRS anymore. It was curtains for me and then I called Attorney Ron Hood. From the start to the finish, he was with me the whole way, answering questions, giving advice, procuring documents and representing me on the telephone and in written correspondence to the IRS, While charging a fair price for his work on my behalf. But it was more than just having a great lawyer, he was also a good new friend who truly cared about this horrible mess I had got myself into.

The bottom line is attorney Ron Hood submitted an Offer in Compromise to the IRS and my Offer of $1,224.00 was accepted, an amount less than one penny on the dollar for a debt of more than $126,000. I feel like he saved my life and now I can sleep at night.

J.M – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I lost my business due to medical complications. The IRS didn’t care. They continually threatened me over back taxes and eventually placed a tax lien on my home. At the time I was living on Social Security Disability Benefits and felt helpless to resolve my situation. Frustrated, I turned to the internet in search of a qualified tax attorney. That’s when I came across the website of attorney Ronald F. Hood. I was impressed by his qualifications and hoped he might be able to help. After a few phone calls and an exchange of information, Attorney Hood recommended that we approach the IRS with an Offer in Compromise. At the time I owed the IRS approximately $45,229.00. My original offer was rejected. Attorney Hood remained optimistic and encouraged me to do the same. He put together an appeal which included a letter written on my behalf further explaining my medical condition and the unique nature of my situation. It worked. The IRS accepted my offer of $2,818.00 and the IRS released the tax lien on my home. Ron saved me approximately $42,411.00. I can’t thank him enough. He has my eternal gratitude and my highest recommendation.

M.A. – Falmouth, Massachusetts

I owed delinquent income taxes to the IRS. I contacted Attorney Ron Hood for help. I reviewed his legal experience on his website and believed he could help me which he did. The end result was that I owed a total of approximately $123,361.00 and the IRS accepted a $1,000.00 Offer in Compromise. His knowledge and expertise saved me approximately $122,361.00. A weight has been lifted and my mind is at ease. Thank you attorney Ron Hood.

R.M. – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I wanted to write a quick note of appreciation. As each year past and I was digging myself out of debt, I had kept putting the tax items with the IRS and the Mass Department of the Revenue on the back burner. Not knowing how I was going to approach this mess I in, I asked my guy to please find somebody who I can trust to help me. He spent a few hours online looking and reading reviews for me. I was very fortunate he found you.

I was very comfortable from our first phone call on. I really appreciate how quickly you took care of my taxes. I started to fell at ease once you told me that there was not any IRS and Mass Department of Revenue collection actions against me. Although not out of hot water, it was a relief. I have had too many sleepless nights stressing out with this problem.

Most of all, I truly appreciate that you took the time to prepare and file my delinquent tax returns with the IRS and Mass Department of Revenue. I know this was not something you typically do for clients but I was so alleviated when you said you would do it. I have a tough time trusting people I do not know, however after working with you a short time I felt I was in good hands.

God put a lot of good people on this earth and you are one of them!

H.D. – Kingston, Massachusetts

Working with Ron has changed the entire trajectory of our lives. Before we retained his services, we owed approximately $84,300.00 to the IRS and saw no way to get out from under that huge burden. Once Ron had negotiated an Offer in Compromise for us with the IRS in the amount of $2,000.00, we were able to quickly pay off that amount and really start to move on with our lives. Ron saved us approximately, $82,300.00 in taxes. The financial stress level has been reduced and we can finally see a future beyond the immediate threat of losing everything to the IRS.

Mike – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I can’t thank attorney Ron Hood enough for his help with my problems with the IRS. The offer in compromise that he worked out for me with the IRS to resolve my debt has given me hope and a financial future. Attorney Hood convinced the IRS to accept $3,000.00 for a debt to the IRS of approximately $89,579.00. The stress relief off my shoulders is a welcomed feeling. I never thought I would be able to pay the total debt off. My problems arose from a nasty divorce and my ex-husband leaving me with all of the tax debt and me not finding out for year. Meanwhile interest and penalties were accruing. Even though the court ordered my ex-husband to pay the IRS, he disappeared, and the IRS would not accept the judge’s decision and looked to me to pay the entire debt.

If anyone has a federal tax problem I would highly recommend them to use Ron Hood as their attorney to work with the IRS for a fair resolution. Attorney Hood was so thorough, kind and worked diligently for me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. No attorney has ever fought so hard for me and been so successful, attaining a resolution of approximately 3 cents on the dollar.

Attorney Hood is a very competent and trustworthy lawyer and I would not hesitate to use him again if the need were ever to arise. I have paid my taxes for 43 years and never had a problem, until my divorce. Attorney Hood solved my tax debt to an amount that I could afford to pay, especially when I depend on social security from being a cancer survivor twice.

C.C. – Southeastern Massachusetts

I am a self-employed entertainer living in New Bedford, MA. I would like to thank attorney Ron Hood for his help with my tax problems with the IRS. I owed approximately $23,261.00 to the IRS. Attorney Hood worked on my behalf to resolve my tax burden and I ended up paying only $2,299.00 to the IRS. The Offer in Compromise that he worked out for me with the IRS was truly amazing. Ron started working on my case in May of 2012 and my Offer in Compromise was accepted by the IRS in January of 2013.

Attorney Hood took the stress and Anxiety out of what could have been a long and difficult process. He guided me every step of the way. His advice was invaluable and helped to calm my fears of dealing with the IRS. Attorney Hood has given me the hope that I can continue to operate my business. Attorney Hood is component, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable.

It has been a pleasure to work with a true professional who is very good at what he does. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ron and wish him continued success going forward. I would highly recommend attorney Ron Hood to anyone who has a problem with the IRS.

D.H. – New Bedford, Massachusetts

I am a self-employed professional living on Cape Code. My wife and I owed delinquent income taxes for two years and the IRS threatened to take levy action against our bank accounts and sources of income. I contacted attorney Ron Hood for help. He was able to prevent any levy actions and was able to persuade the IRS to accept our offer in compromise of $6,000.00 for a debt of approximately $42,133.00 that we owed to the IRS. We sincerely thank Ron for his knowledge, skill and commitment to us in resolving our tax problem. We were able to get a fresh start and we don’t have to worry about the IRS anymore.

T.C. – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I operate a self-employed business and had a huge delinquent income tax bill with the IRS. When I contact Ron, I was scared, confused and overwhelmed because an IRS Revenue Officer had come to my home and place of work. There were levies on my bank account and levies on my earnings. I had several meetings with Ron and found him to be firm but compassionate. More importantly his skill and knowledge regarding how the Offer in Compromise process works were the keys in the submission of my Offer in Compromise to the IRS and Ron’s negotiation with the IRS. Initially the IRS rejected the Offer. The IRS made a counter-offer and asked for more documentation for certain items. We provided the documentation and Ron negotiated the Offer to the same amount the IRS had initially rejected. At the time of the acceptance of my Offer, I owed the IRS approximately $248,758.00 in taxes, penalties and interest. The IRS accepted my Offer of $12,631.00. Ron saved me at a minimum, $236,127.00. I say a minimum of $236,127.00 because if the Offer wasn’t accepted, the $248,758.00 would have continued to accrue interest. Ron’s skill and knowledge has given me my life back.

G.H. – Southeastern Massachusetts

I was a self-employed fisherman out of New Bedford and Cape Cod. I owed more than $70,000.00 in income taxes to the IRS for multiple tax years. Attorney Ron Hood took my case and persuaded the IRS to accept my $10,000.00 offer in compromise. He save me more than $60,000.00. I recommend attorney Ron Hood to anyone who has an IRS tax problem. He’s the best.

R.D.- Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Through the efforts of attorney Ron Hood, we were successful in obtaining an Offer in Compromise for our income tax liability of approximately $62,000.00 owed to the IRS. The IRS accepted our offer of $11,394.00 without changing it. Needless to say, this was a tremendous relief to us, given all our problems over the past few years.

None of this would have happened without Mr. Hood’s representation of us and his efforts. It was a long arduous process, but when you are dealing with the IRS and have someone as knowledgeable and talented as Mr. Hood, it certainly lessens the stress and it gets done properly. He is honest and ethical and has a great deal of empathy for his clients. We can’t speak highly enough of our experience with him. When I hear horror stories of how badly taxpayers are taken by flimflam artists promising tax settlements, we feel very fortunate that we had Mr. Hood in our corner. We would refer anyone with IRS tax problems to attorney Ron Hood.

J.M. – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

We thank attorney Hood for all he has done for me and my family regarding my recent IRS tax issues. It had weighed heavily on our minds for some time now and after approaching attorney Hood with my dilemma, he didn’t even blink before accepting our case. From the first day he gave us comfort in knowing that he would do what it takes to get the situation under control in a timely manner. His fees were extremely fair and worth every penny. Our family is now at peace, not having to look over our shoulders anymore. Thanks to him and his dedication for what he does.

My family would not hesitate to refer or recommend attorney Hood to anyone we know. He was honest and trustworthy at all times.

L.T. – Brockton, Massachusetts

I am most grateful to attorney Ron Hood who convinced the IRS Criminal Investigation Division that the mistakes made on my income tax returns were the fault of the tax return preparer and not fraudulent conduct on my part. Attorney Hood’s devotion to the phrase, the “devil is in the details,” saved me from what would have been a wrongful prosecution for tax evasion. Well done Attorney Hood.

Attorney F. – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ron, I just want to thank you for your help in resolving my offer in compromise in which the IRS accepted $62,000.00 for a $478,000.00 tax debt. By being able to call and meet with you really helped me personally even though you probably answered the same questions from me a 100 times. With your knowledge of the law and the options that are available, you were able to get my IRS tax debt resolved. At any time I will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody. You gave me a chance to start over again.

Thank you, S.M.M – Hanson, Massachusetts

I own a business located south of Boston. After a lengthy divorce and some poor financial advice, I found myself behind on the filing of my income tax returns with the IRS.

The IRS contacted me and demanded that I file four years of delinquent income tax returns at once. I soon found myself overwhelmed with intimidating letters, charging me with overdue taxes, penalties and interest. The IRS filed a federal tax lien and attempted to levy my bank accounts.

I quickly realized that the average person cannot deal with the IRS alone. I made endless telephone calls to toll free 800 numbers getting a different spin on the situation from each call. My mailbox was filled with embarrassing post cards from every so-called tax expert in the country trying to solicit me as a client. In trying to do the right thing, I contacted a tax resolution company that I had seen on TV, in which they advertised they had 450 offices nationwide, had ex IRS employees working for them and they were even recommended by the Wall Street Journal.

I contacted this company and met with one of their local representatives in a rented conference room, in an industrial park. Her office was in a briefcase on wheels. She took my money and it was off to the races. For the next 8 months I played telephone tag with answering machines day after day. I was desperate for information from them as to the status of my case.

A friend of mine recommended attorney Ron Hood and within 24 hours, I was shaking Mr. Hood’s hand and looking at him square in the eye.

Attorney Ron Hood was patient with me, professional and down to earth. We exchanged figures and discussed options and I was immediately on the right track to resolving my tax problems with the IRS. When I called Ron Hood, he answered my phone calls or if I left a message, he would call me right back. I never felt pressured to cram 20 questions into a three-minute phone call.

I owed the IRS approximately $58,000.00 and the IRS accepted my offer in compromise for $10,010.00. Attorney Hood saved me $48,000.00. I told him I would gladly include my telephone number with this testimonial but he said that would not be necessary. If anybody wants to speak to me about this testimonial, I give my permission to Attorney Ron Hood to give them my telephone number.

If you own a business you know that you cannot put a price on a good nights’ sleep, or piece of mind. Attorney Ron Hood’s help in resolving my tax problems has allowed me to have peace of mind and sleep well at night.

T.S. – Marshfield, Massachusetts

My tax issues had accumulated over a 10 year period, raising three children alone, working multiple jobs simultaneously to cover rent as well as trying to provide essentials and some extras to help my kids survive and succeed. Once they all graduated from college I was determined to resolve my tax issue. But I made the mistake of contacting one of the national tax resolution companies that claim to help you resolve your tax problems at a huge discount with lots of help and counseling. I was looking for anonymity. For me this was an embarrassing problem and I wanted to protect my reputation and that of my family.

Thousands of dollars and several years later, this company left me with a bill to the IRS that I could not pay. There was absolutely nothing to show for having used their “services.”

With no idea what to do, fortunately, I called Ron. With absolute integrity, consistent communication and follow through, in less than a year, Ron helped me reach an offer in compromise settlement with the IRS that I could afford to handle. I wish that I had gone to him first. He provided honest and realistic expectations to work with. All of my questions and concerns were handled promptly and personally. He managed all interactions with the IRS and made sure that the resolution process moved forward with more than reasonable speed. I was treated with respect and, most important, I felt assured that my integrity and privacy were protected.

If you have tax problems with the IRS, this is the guy that you want. Don’t waste your time, money or peace of mind on anyone else.

J.D. – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I am self-employed and after filing my delinquent income tax returns, I owed the IRS approximately $55,500.00 in taxes, penalties and interest. Attorney Ron Hood was able to convince the IRS to accept an Offer in Compromise in the amount of $2,500.00. He saved me approximately $53,000.00. I will always be grateful to him for his help with the IRS and I would recommend him to anyone who has an IRS tax problem.

Kevin – Cape Cod & the Islands

As a self-employed professional, I turned to attorney Hood for representation in a personal tax audit. He not only got the best possible result for me, he also was a calming influence during the process. He’s a “pro” in every sense of the word.

B.W. – West Roxbury, Massachusetts

I want to thank attorney Ronald Hood so much for his tremendous efforts in helping me settle my tax debt with the IRS. My original debt owed was approximately $125,561.00 which includes interest and penalties. Ronald was able to negotiate an Offer in Compromise with the IRS in the amount of $1,408.00 He saved me approximately $124,153.00 that I didn’t have to pay to the IRS.

Thanks to attorney Hood, with this settled amount, I will be able to pay off my debt with confidence and regain hope for my financial future. I would absolutely recommend attorney Hood to anyone in need of tax debt services in dealing with the IRS. His fees are reasonable and he certainly works hard to get the job done.

S.M.S. – Cape Cod, Massachusetts