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Skilled Cape Cod Tax Audit Lawyer

The IRS function most recognized by the public is the examination of tax returns. The examination function is performed both at the IRS Service Centers and at the local IRS Offices. There are three basic types of examination: correspondence audits, office audits, and field audits. If, in its examination, the IRS finds something questionable on your tax return, it will notify you in writing of its intention to audit your tax return. There is no doubt about it, receiving a notice that you will be audited is stressful. Will you have to pay the IRS more money? Did you make an honest mistake in filing your return? These are only some of the questions that I can help you answer.

Few things are more stressful than an IRS tax audit. If you have received an audit notice or a notice of deficiency, contact my Cape Cod law firm immediately. I offer a free initial consultation to all of my tax law clients.

When should you look to a tax audit attorney?

You should seek the counsel of a tax audit lawyer as soon as you receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service that you are being audited. Hiring a tax audit lawyer to protect your rights is an important decision. Making a false statement to an IRS agent can be taken as an indication of fraud and can lead the IRS to consider pursuing a criminal tax investigation.

If you have been contacted by the IRS, it is important that you avoid any direct communication with any representative or employee of the IRS. Don’t represent yourself. Hire an experienced tax attorney. Put my more than 25 years of experience as an IRS attorney to work for you. Consult with me before you discuss a tax audit, collection, tax appeal, or any tax law problem with the IRS. Use the knowledge and experience I have attained in my 25 year career with the IRS, 7 years as a labor law attorney, 18 as a tax law attorney; and the last 17 years in private practice as a buffer between you and the IRS.

Contact A Massachusetts Tax Audit Attorney

If you have made a mistake on your tax return, claimed an erroneous deduction, or have omitted additional income, contact my law office before responding to an IRS audit notice, notice of deficiency, or a telephone call from an IRS employee. I can be reached by telephone, fax, or by filling out the client intake form on this website.