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Massachusetts Tax Collections Lawyer

Do you need help with your IRS debt?

Have you received a letter from the IRS informing you that it is preparing to place a levy on your bank account or a lien on your real and personal property? Many people who receive these letters simply do not know where to turn for help. It is important that you hire an experienced tax collection attorney immediately. I have helped many clients effectively respond to these letters and ask for a collection alternative such as an installment agreement or an offer in compromise.

As a former IRS tax lawyer, I have a keen understanding into the policies and procedures of the IRS. I know what options are available to my clients. If you have tax debt and want to effectively respond to a collection letter, contact my Cape Cod law firm for a free initial consultation.

Offers in compromise

Over the years, I have had a great deal of success reducing the amount of my clients’ tax liabilities by making realistic offers in compromise on behalf of my clients. An offer in compromise is an excellent option available to clients who cannot afford to pay the full amount of the tax debt they owe to the IRS.

Installment payment plans

If you can afford to pay the full amount of the IRS debt you owe, and an offer in compromise is not an option, I can help you arrange a payment plan that allows you to make installment payments over a longer period of time.

Contact A Cape Cod Tax Collection Attorney

Are you seeking an experienced tax lawyer to help you resolve your IRS tax debt? If the IRS has sent you a collection letter, it is important that you hire an experienced tax collection attorney to protect your rights. Contact my Cape Cod law office for a free consultation. I can be reached by telephone, fax, or by filling out the client intake form provided on this website.