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Massachusetts Tax Lien Lawyer

The IRS will often use forced collection practices such as levies and liens when a taxpayer owes it money. When the IRS contacts the Register of Deeds in your county to file a tax lien against your personal and real property, your credit rating and any future sale of your home will be greatly affected by the presence of the lien. The IRS can also contact your employer or bank to levy wages and bank accounts.

As a Cape Cod tax lien attorney, I represent clients throughout Massachusetts as well as clients from other states who have been contacted by the IRS regarding a lien on property or a levy on wages and bank accounts. If you have received a lien or a levy notice from the IRS, don’t wait to discuss your case with an attorney. Contact my law office for a free initial consultation.

Contact my law office immediately if you have been contacted by the IRS

If you have received a tax lien or tax levy notice from the IRS, don’t wait to contact a tax law lawyer. Many people make the mistake of hoping that the problem will go away if they ignore the many letters and communications they receive from the IRS. Unfortunately, your tax problems will only get worse if you don’t deal with them immediately.

I understand that many people have a difficult time discussing these matters with a lawyer. I also understand that you want to prevent your employer or bank from discovering your tax debt. In many cases, the key to resolving these matters is as simple as remaining in contact and negotiating the matter with the IRS. I will contact the IRS and ask it to release the levy so we can start working on an installment plan or an offer in compromise. You always have options when it comes to settling your tax debt. Call an experienced tax lien attorney at my law office for more information.

Contact A Cape Cod Tax Lien Attorney

Have you been contacted by the IRS about a tax lien or a tax levy on your property, wages, or bank accounts? For advice and assistance with stopping an IRS tax levy, lien, or property seizure, contact my Cape Cod law firm for a free initial consultation.